Pretoria °90
  • Pretoria °90


    Pretoria °90


    South of Here co.’s take on the classic horizontal bifold. Hand-stitched using the timeless saddle stitch method, with waxed poly cord thread, and rich Denver leather, this wallet is soft but durable, meant to patina with use. Horizontal Bi-Folds are a staple in leather, this is our take on a classic.


    Holding 6-18 cards and cash, this wallet can hold all of your essential needs and some extras. A classic wallet made with Sohco character, Pretoria is not just a wallet meant for necessity, it’s an accessory you’ll be glad you took with you.



    || Product Specifics ||

    ✦ Sleek Design 4.5"x3.75"x.5" (8.5" open)

    ✦ Leather patinas, gets better with time!

    ✦ Made from 2-4oz Denver

    ✦ 6 Card slots in front, top horizontal cash slot.


    Complimentary custom monogram available up to 5 Letters!


    All wallets are made to/when ordered, pelase allow 3-5 days for handling time.


    Whats in the name || Pretoria°90

    Born and raised in South Africa came with a lot of experiences, one i can remember quite vividly is driving down the highway in moms beat up 1980's grey vw jetta on the way to school in Pretoria every day. Pretoria was more than just my birth place, and where i was raised, it will forever have a part of me, a special time in my childhood.