|| South of Here Co's - Texas Ranch Series Set ||


This listing is for the set of 2x 4oz candles!!


  • Unbridled: warm vanilla and cedar wood. Imagine this: it’s a warm southern day on the ranch and you lead the horses to the wash station. You bathe them with soap and watch the dirt and sweat wash down the drain. You pat them dry and spray them down. They’re fresh, clean and sweet with the floral air. You lead them to their open pasture and as you remove their bridle there’s a small pause before they run off wild and free. Unbridled is the scent of fresh country air with the accent of sweet southern comfort. When you light this candle, let yourself be Unbridaled, be wild, be free.
  • Tack room: leather - the tack room is a ranch’s stock room. There you’ll find saddles, bridles, fly wipe, boots and western accessories alike. It’ll smell like new, old, and polished leather. The saddles will be delicately tooled with traditional floral patterns, the bridles will hang from rusted horse shoes, the cobwebs will welcome in the dusty air. Tack room is our rebranded leather scent, appropriate for a leather goods.


All candles available in:

4oz + Cotton Wick in a Glass Amber Jar with Gold Lid! (15hr-25hr Burn Time)


Hand poured from locally sourced 100% soy wax in small batches by a couple Good Texans. Thanks for your support ya'll! 

Texas Ranch Series- Candle Set