South of Here Co. has a mascot, our 3 year old Goldendoodle Ember, named for her Ember red fur and spunky attitude, our Collar's equally unique! Our Ember°18 Collar is hand made out of 9-11oz Latigo leather, the collar includes a groovy stitched poly hitched webbing on the body. (see pics)

|| Sizes ||

Small 20-40lbs dogs. (13" to 17" Neck)

Medium 40-80lb dogs. (14" to 19" Neck)

Large 80+ lbs dogs. (18" to 23" Neck)

✦ 1" wide, 9-11oz thick

✦ Multiple Sizes available
✦ Leather patinas, gets better with time!
✦  Luxury Collar, recomended not to get wet. 

Whats in the name || Ember°18

Named after our first born, and South of Here Co. Mascot, our Goldendoodle Ember! Ember joined out family in 2018 as a 8 week old puppy, shes grown with our family and has been the absolute best companion for our son Owen, we cant wait for her to meet her next brother and know she will be there for cuddles, ear pulls and all the loving they need! 


Buckle Color