The Western

A simple side bag with complex character. Made with volcano leather, stitched, and finished with a natural edge. Our western bag is one of a kind; as you carry, bend, fold, and use it the pull up creates more depth and character than any other bag.




✦ Design + Dimentions = roughly 7.5" accross and 7.5" high with a width of about 3". Strap is about 40"-46" adjustable. 

✦ Leather patinas, gets better with time! + Brass strap clasp.

✦ Unique one of a kind featuring Natural Edge. 


Complete leather making process includes; hand-dye, sow, cut, burnish and finish. Please let me know if you have any questions or special requests!


*Made to order- please allow 1-3 days for handling*

The Western (Cross body bag)