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"We are south of here co: just two Texas transplants that fell in love in a southern border town and self proclaimed Good Texans. Inspired by our southern roots, our family run business creates genuine handmade products that are sure to tell our story and travel with you telling yours."

South of Here co.
About Us: About Us

South of Here co. began under extraordinary circumstances. The creator’s baby boy was diagnosed with a rare congenital disease, giving him odd chance of survival at birth. Although, the news was devastating, they had faith in their unborn baby and live by the philosophy, “just like a cactus in the harsh desert, life prevails and even blooms”. As they prepared for their miracle baby, they began doing what they do best, create. Their faith, passion, and fears were channeled into creating South of Here co. Stitching leather became a therapeutic pastime for Jacques while painting and photography became Kamille’s. Jacques already had experience with his first business venture - Jacquesoldfashioned - where he hand-poured candles and made organic beard oils. With leather becoming a staple product in their line and the idea of creating a business for the family, South of Here co. was the perfect transition into their new journey as a small family. Fantastic baby Owen was born on 12/23/2019 and while he spent some time in the NICU he is home now, flourishing and watching his parents create in their home studio.

An inside joke between creators, “South of Here” has become a catch phrase for when anyone asks “where” they are from. Jacques is from South Africa, Kamille was born in Southern California and together they grew up in South Texas. No matter where they are, they are almost always from “south of here”.

South of here co SH Cactus Blom

Meet the Good Texans, The Deysels.

KAMILLE: (leather worker/pyrography)

Born in one border town and growing up in another, Kamille is all too familiar with the cultural richness that paints a border town. She spent most of her childhood on a farm watching her mom train young racehorses. The smell of fly wipe and leather polish, still brings her back to the tack room where she sat and did homework on hot hot days. She didn’t know it then but her history with polishing saddles, tracing the delicate floral patterns carved into the leather, mucking stalls, bathing and brushing the horses, sitting outside their stall sharing her days with them, as if they understood word per word, would shape her into the person she is today and inspire her art. A southern girl at heart, a horse whisperer by nature, Kamille brings the southern charm to South of Here co.

Maker Kamille Deysel
Maker Jacques Deysel

(leather worker/seamster)

Jacques found his passion for craft markets and stitching while following his mom through open air markets in their hometown, Pretoria, South Africa. He has fond memories of running barefoot through the markets and making friends other vendor kids. His mom will also recount the long days where Jacques, his mom, and Ouma (grandmother) would sew and make creative lampshades while drinking tea at Ouma’s house. “We had our own little assembly line”, she’ll smile. It’s no surprise that Jacques inherited the generational ability to sew and passion for creating; Jacques carries on a legacy through his work at South of Here co., work that makes his mom proud and would make his Ouma proud too.

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