Tools + Supplies

Local Sourced:

Tandy Leather is our #1 Supplier of hides + Texas tanneries.


Stitching Needle + Thread | Stitching Awl | Stitching Pony

Head Knife | Groover | Spacer | Edge Beveler | Cutting mat | Stone Slab | Chisel | Mallet x3 | Awl | Skiver | Edge Burnisher | Hole Punches | Sketch Pad + Templates. 


Veg Tan | Latigo |

Double Shoulder | Belly | Custom cuts.

The Mission

Our Goal:

Design exceptional looking, long lasting leather pieces. Using leather locally sourced and handled with the most care. Each South of Here Co. leather product is meticulously created with detailed consideration, unique design and longevity.

Leather Goods:

SOHCO offers unique pieces including: Wallets | Accessories | Bags + Personal items including custom inquires!

The Future

South of Here Co. is not limited to one sort of product. We take pride in creating the best in anything we do!


Open the chat on the bottom right to speak to me! And if you have any requests be sure to let me know!

Thank you all so much for your support, you make it possible for this family of creatives to keep creating!

-SOHCO Family